Residential HVAC Installation, Replacement, Repair & Service

New residential HVAC installation

New Home HVAC InstallationPicking the right Heating and Cooling system for your new home can seem like a daunting task. You may not know that it's important to match your HVAC system to your home for many reasons. Choosing a less expensive heat pump or furnace designed for an 1100 sq ft home for use in your 2300 sq ft home will require the unit to work much harder to keep you and your family comfortable. It will also shorten the life of the equipment by as much as half.

Picking the correct vent and intake locations can also be tricky. We can help ensure that your home’s system has been designed to run efficiently and effectively change out the air in your home removing contaminants from the air around you.

Replacements & Upgrades

Old ThermostatThe fact is that your heating and air conditioning systems are the biggest users of energy in your home. These systems can make up to 75% of your total monthly utility bill. If you would like to save money a new high-efficiency heat pump or furnace can help you save up to 50% in operating costs.

Deciding when and if you should upgrade your heating or cooling system is a big decision. In order to allow you to make the best possible decision, we offer free energy audits. You can see the numbers and decide when or if it makes sense to repair, maintain, or upgrade your system.

HVAC Repair & Duct Cleaning Service

HVAC Repair TechnicianServicing your heating system on an annual basis maintains and ensures that it runs at peak efficiency and will save you money over the life of your heating system by discovering potential issues while they are small and fixing them before they become bigger and potentially more expensive to repair.

Mold, dust, allergens, and spores are nasty creatures that all live and breed in the world around us. Nature has a brilliant way of neutralizing these little buggers through rain, wind and ultraviolet rays. Since the invention of the home, we have effectively kept out nature's self-cleaning service. The air in our homes becomes contaminated and can even make us sick if we never clean the ducts or change out the air filters on your furnace. Home Comfort’s state of the art Duct cleaning system and our filter replacement service can help make your home the healthy place you expect it to be. A healthy system runs more efficiently and will provide you with long lasting comfort for many years. Contact your Home Comfort Specialist today to schedule your HVAC System service.

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